Image of the Day : Mojave Airport
On 01 Mar 2013 by Santosh Singh in Image of the Day

The Mojave Airport was opened in 1935 to serve local gold and silver mining industry. It was taken over by U S marine Corps which expanded it into Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Station(MCAAS). It also served as training gunnery training center during World War II. Currently it is known as Mojave Air and Space Port. It also famous for its Boneyard of Aircrafts where planes and the end of there useful life-cycle are either scrapped or refurbished.

Below shown image was acquired by Pleiades satellite sensor flying in space at an altitude of 694 km.

Pleiades image of Mojave Airport (Click to enlarge)

Considered largest surplus aircraft storage area Davis-Monthan Air Force Base or Mojave Airport is located in Tucson, Arizona in the United States of America.

Pleiades sensor provides imagery at 50cm resolution. To learn more please click here

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