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2013 Additions to Satellite Archives – 1 : India

by Santosh Singh

SPOT-6 was launched on September 9, 2012. The technical commissioning of the satellite was successfully completed on December 14, 2012. Since then SPOT 6 has been continuously acquiring remote sensing data. The processed imagery output from this sensor is 1.5m with 4 spectral bands. Due to its wide swath width of 60km it has been able to cover majority of India in relatively short period of time. Below you can see how well it has covered India in last 5 months:

                                                         SPOT 6 1.5m resolution coverage of India

SPOT 6 has acquired majority of Indian territory at 1.5m resolution.

On the other hand another satellite from Astrium Pleiades is building up it’s archive of imagery world over. Pleiades sensor provides images which are processed to 0.5m resolution. It has 4 spectral bands.

Below is how Pleiades archive looks over India as of now(only 2013 data):

Pleiades 2013 archive over India (Click to enlarge)
Plieades imagery provided at 1.5m resolution is steadily building up in the archives.

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