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Geospatial intelligence for energy companies

by Yashwant Singh

Better Resolution Enable Better Decision Making

                                          Fig-1. (Offshore drilling rig, Kazakhstan, WorldView-3)

Resolution matters. You cannot create a data from nothing and the laws of physics cannot be conquered via software enhancements. These indisputable facts are why DigitalGlobe and its customers place such high value on the ability to see the world in the clearest, most detailed way yet.

For the first time, satellite imagery can now be considered both a global complement and viable alternative to aerial imagery, particularly for countries with formidable legal, geographic, or geopolitical barriers to aerial-based imagery collection, or where fast delivery and regular, cost-effective updates are major requirements. Over 100 countries around the world fall into that category.

With satellite imagery, energy companies are better equipped to monitor assets in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

Geospatial intelligence is critical to the successful exploitation of new global energy sources. Find hidden opportunities first, know which sites are most promising, and make decisions quickly. With access to imagery of your areas of interest, you can track changes and trends over time. Work with complete, accurate data that can be shared with desktop workflows across your project team. Turn rapid insight into your competitive advantage.

Explore How 30 CM Imagery Impacts You

30 cm imagery brings new value to a variety of use cases and market segments including mining, oil and gas, civil government, social/mobile/location services, and even global development organizations. This new level of value means better operational efficiency and cost management, more effective disaster planning and recovery, a better customer experience in consumer-facing, map-centric market segments, and more efficient humanitarian assistance.

                Fig-2. DigitalGlobe imagery (overview) of the Fiery Cross Reef located in the South China Sea. (Getty)

With lots of opportunities there are greater challenges to find out and extract ever increasing quantities of energy from a wide range of natural resources available round the world. It is too costly when one plan to explore the site by its own by visiting there and it consume a lot of time too and of course in any business 'time is money'. To explore the sea for available resources and to analyze the working of a site, we need to have an image with excellent quality and high accuracy too, that  we need in our budget too and should be available in a short course of time. With all these condition applied, the only answer is a high resolution satellite imagery. Exploration, Development and management are the areas where these high resolution data are used for a in depth study and analysis. Facility planning part also involve theses satellite data in their study. 

Example Applications:

  • Oil & Gas facility and resource monitoring
  • Drilling and resource exploration
  • Emergency management and response
  • Industry production information gathering

Satellite services are also used in crew welfare, mobility solutions, the ability to monitor and control remote equipments and processing, among others are driving demand for satellite services in the growing oil and gas industry.
                                                            Fig-3. WorldView-3 Satellite Image

A wide range of energy-specific industries are taking  advantage of our higher resolution capabilities. From more accurate monitoring of pipelines assets or construction areas to higher levels of detail and accuracy in volumetric calculations, our enhanced imagery completeness will help you do your job more efficiently and effectively.
                                                              Fig-4. Image of Muscat, Oman


High resolution data by DigitalGlobe is used worldwide by energy companies for their various ongoing and upcoming projects. Wide range of applications include: Oil & Gas facility and resource monitoring, Drilling and resource exploration, Emergency management and response,  Industry production information gathering. These data are used in Exploration, Planning, Observation and all decision making.

SATPALDA is a privately owned company and a leading provider of satellite imagery and Geospatial services to the user community. Established in 2002, SATPALDA has successfully completed wide range of photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Projects.


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SATPALDA is a privately owned company and a leading provider of satellite imagery and GeoSpatial services to the user community. Established in 2002, SATPALDA has successfully completed wide range of photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Projects.

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