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Drone Survey & Mapping

by Rohit Kumar

Drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is an unmanned aircraft, controlled autonomously and guided by the pilot along definate flightline. Drone is  equipped with a high resolution camera. Its services are used to deliver much safer, faster and cost-effective,  high quality, measurable data sets. Previously,  industrial  inspection required  manual team survey for collecting information on objects, which is costly, subjective and slow.

At SATPALDA, we practice to utilize drone in some of the most demanding industries and environment. Drone services saves client’s  money and time  and reduce risk exposure by removing manual inspection process.  We operate  on a very high quality and precision criteria. We turn images into accurate, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. Images are georeferenced by using few ground control points. The data can view in CAD format , 3D model, orthophoto or as required by the client.

Advantages of using drone services are as follows: low-cost survey, high resolution imagery, real-time imagery, videography, easy access to the area of interest, time-saving and less man power required, as it can be done by a team of one or two surveyors. We provide our services in following sectors-

  • Mining.
  • Oil & gas.
  • Construction.
  • Forestry.
  • Agriculture/Vegetation management.
  • Town planning.
  • Urban planning.
  • Road and railway corridor mapping.
  • Utilities.
  • Governance requirements.
  • Search and rescue
  • Preserving the past and aiming for excellence
  • Intelligence and Security


Now a days drone data is used in the mining sector for ores and minerals estimation. Drones fly over the mining site and at a short time duration it capture the data of large mining area which later can be utilized  for ores and minerals estimation and this process is far better than manual calculation by human efforts.


The latest generation sensors of drones are capable of  obtaining  high-resolution images which, when combined in a suitable fashion, used for measurement and stocked with a wealth of texture and details.

Agriculture/Vegetation management.

Taking stock of the land and its plants can generate invaluable information when it comes to improving harvests and making more efficient use of water and agro-technical resources. This technology provides concrete support for decision-making processes in agriculture. Working from the sky offers significant advantages that fit right in the need of efficiency and rapidity,  typically required in agricultural activities.

Search and rescue

Unmanned flights following grid patterns can easily and quickly cover vast area of territory, guaranteed a rapid and effective search. UAS technology can reach areas that would otherwise be off limits due to the risk (such as unstable areas following earthquakes and landslide), eliminating human life risk.

Preserving the past and aiming for excellence

Evaluations of buildings, monuments, and other architectural resources can be facilitated in a real and effective manner by aerial inspections performed with UAVs. Through the use of a valid combination of latest-generation sensors operating in the visible, thermal and hyperspectral realms, multiple responses can be obtained, together with noteworthy advantages, such as reduced human risks and operating costs, plus optimization of the final result.

Intelligence and Security

In the field of intelligence and security, the best way to guarantee an effective operation is to use a tool that allows the observer to remain unseen. Today, a dynamic eye capable of looking down from above represents one of best solutions for monitoring and overseeing sensitive areas and subjects.

Recently, SATPALDA carried out UAV survey for a project of one of our client. This was a 5 km stretch of road. Using the imagery collected, our highly qualified and experienced team provide data as required by the client.

SATPALDA provides drone based products of 2 cm, 5 cm, and 10 cm resolution. For Drone ortho photo samples and their specifications, please contact: info@satpalda.com


SATPALDA is a privately owned company and a leading provider of satellite imagery and GeoSpatial services to the user community. Established in 2002, SATPALDA has successfully completed wide range of photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Projects.

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