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Nearest Coffee shop to remotest oil rig , Digitalglobe Basemaps covers it all for its customers(Part 2)

by Pubali Mukherjee

DigitalGlobe Basemap +Metro is high resolution orthophoto product for customers who need spatial data of major capitals and major cities of the world with population over 2 million. It is an easy access to world`s most important cities according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. DG uses its high resolution satellites and third party imagery to provide the coverage of 1000+ metro cities and this high quality product is made available through cloud service platform. Access to the can be achieved through MyDigitalGlobe user interface. Products are produced using specifications defined in the Advanced Ortho Series Vision Premium and Vision Specifications. The company plans to increase its coverage area of metro cities up to 2600 and intends to increase its refresh rates.

Design Specifications of +Metro:

Sensors Primarily WorldView-3, WorldView-2, and GeoEye-1If required, mosaics may purpose QuickBird imagery or data from third-party partners.
Image bands 3-Band Pan-Sharpened Natural Colour
Product type Orthophoto Mosaic
Ground sample distance (GSD) 30-50 cm for WorldView-3, WorldView-2, and GeoEye-1 imagery60 cm or greater for QuickBird imagery and third party data used to fill in any gaps in coverage
Accuracy The positional accuracy of the product depends on several factors, including collection sensor, ground control points, and variation in the terrain. Details for each metro area are available in the Basemap +Metro product specifications.
Projection/datum UTM/WGS84
Cloud cover percentages Less than 10% Less than 20% Less than 30%
Maximum off-nadir angle (ONA)  30 degrees
Maximum sun angle

 30 degrees

It a cost effective off the shelf product. The product requires no traditional order processing. It is a ready made product, so the customer saves time and resources as there is no need to search, procure or manipulate the data. It can be regarded as the best combination of resolution, accuracy, currency required for planning and detecting change over time.

DigitalGlobe Basemap Firstlook is primarily meant for disaster response and effective emergency planning. It is a web-based online subscription to pre and post event imagery of disasters which are delivered to almost any desktop or web mapping platform. Through this service the users can have the essential information needed at the crucial hour of emergency planning, monitoring of the disaster hit areas. The user can connect through a suite of online services that sync directly with desktop and enterprise applications, smart phones and handheld devices for fast and seamless access .Quick identification of disaster hit zones help the policy makers to analyse the extent of damage and thus they can come up with the most effective strategy for evacuation and ensuring minimum loss of lives by optimum usage of the scarce resources. The product comes with a FirstLook messaging service, where emails and RSS notifications are sent for event activations and imagery details are provided. Crowd Sourcing forms an integral part of this special service. This enables the organization to acquire information regarding any disaster or emergency fast and produce reliable results within minimum time. The crowdsourcing is powered by Tomnod.

Specifications of the product:    

Natural disasters

Geological disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, limnic eruptions) Hydrological disasters (floods, tsunamis) Meteorological disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts) Wildfires

Man-made disasters

Terrorist events (bombings, biological, chemical, nuclear events) Large scale accidents (planes, train, industrial, oil spills)

Political events

Military operations (non-US/allied) ,Military coups ,Demonstrations, protests, rallies, Displaced refugees, mass exodus

Human interest events

Sporting events (World Cup Olympics),Large world festivals


Design Specifications of FirstLook

Satellite sensors

WorldView-3, WorldView-2, WorldView-1, QuickBird (archive only), and GeoEye-1
Imagery type Color, Panchromatic and Colour Infrared when available
Image resolution 30-50 cm GSD at-nadir, up to 1 m at 45? off-nadir
Cloud cover specifications Less than 50%
Accuracy Will vary depending on the situation, but will typically range from 1:12,000 – 1:50,000
File type GeoTIFF, Jpeg2000, MrSID and Geospatial PDF
Off-nadir angle Typically 0 to 30?, no more than 45? off-nadir
Availability FirstLook event imagery remains available to the online platform for 365 days following activation

 DigitalGlobe Basemap Refresh USA is a premium product that provides imagery layer for continental U.S and its territories. The refresh rate is once every year. Orthorectified and very high resolution imagery makes this service an off the shelf product for the enterprise that reduces planning cost, improve efficiency and increase speed and accuracy in decision making. There is no requirement of tasking or traditional order processing providing immediate, cost effective off the shelf availability of imagery. The service provides best in class combination of resolution, ground truth accuracy, currency and aesthetics required for evaluating, planning and detecting change over time.

Sensors: Primary Sensors: WorldView-2, GeoEye-1;Secondary Sensors: QuickBird, IKONOS, WorldView-1, Aerial
Cloud Cover: Less than 20%
Resolution: Primary Sensors: 50cm GSD
Secondary Sensors: up to 1m GSD
Product Type: Orthorectified Image Stripe
Delivery: Cloud Services: MyDigitalGlobe,Esri-ImageConnect ,GoogleEarth-EarthService   
Accuracy: 8.5m CE90 (equivalent to 1:10,000 NMAS)
Service Level:  USA and US Territories excluding Alaska: Any pixel will be high
Resolution color and less than 12 months in age (at 90% confidence)
Alaska: Any pixel will be high resolution color and less than 12 months
In age (at 70% confidence)

                             Image Courtesy:DigitalGlobe

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