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Nearest coffee shop to remotest oil rig ,Digitalglobe Basemaps covers it all for it`s customers(Part 3)

by Pubali Mukherjee

Basemap +Vivid is a subscription based product of DG. These Basemaps utilise DG`s vast high resolution constellation to provide imagery of highest quality, completeness and consistency. Behind the desk DG people uses their cutting edge technology of image processing to provide seamless imagery of highest quality. The product has comprehensive refresh rate, security and privacy of the user is maintained. DG`s +Vivid imagery Basemap served as a baseline for a major map provider. The consistency, seamless and highly accurate imagery of DG provided the much needed baseline for assigning the vector layers. The resulting mapping platform was unrivaled in terms of consistency and visual appeal.

                                     Image Courtesy:DigitalGlobe

                                          Image Courtesy:DigitalGlobe

Following graphics explains image quality of DigitalGlobe +Vivid Basemap

                                      Image Courtesy:DigitalGlobe

Image Courtesy:DigitalGlobe

Design specifications of +Vivid:

  Standard ValueArea    High     ValueArea
Sensors WorldView-3, WorldView-2,  GeoEye-1 or similar
Maximum off nadir angle 30? 25?
Cloud cover restrictions Varies by climate zone
Haze Varies by climate zone
Snow Varies by climate zone
Imagery age Best available, targeted average less than 30 months 36 months. Targeted average less than 18 months
Sun Elevation > 25? >30?
Accuracy(CE90) 10.2 m 10.2 m minimum,4.2 m in select areas.

DigitalGlobe Basemap covers 500 million Square kilometers of our planet. DG leverages multiple data sources to provide seamless coverage. The product requires no tasking GIS application ready product saves the customer the cost of labour and time. Accuracy, consistency and aesthetically pleasing product is assured by the company. The product is served and hosted entirely by DG over cloud framework and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It also has tiered subscription options. DG`s highly efficient constellation is utilized extensively to update the imagery archive constantly.In simple words DG provides truly customizable solutions through DigitalGlobe Basemaps.

Customer has the option of choosing from city/country coverage to adhere to the specific geographic needs of the customer. City coverage includes orthomosaic coverage for all the major urban areas and country coverage includes the entire country.

                                         Image Courtesy:DigitalGlobe

Product specifications of DigitalGlobe Basemap: 

Coverage: City, Country, Region, Global

Display Resolution: 240 cm, 120 cm, 60 cm, 30 cm

Updates: Annual, Semi- Annual, Quarterly

Users: 1-20, 21-100,101-500,501-1000, 1001+, Multi-agency

Usage: View only, View and Download

Access:Online via Cloud Services, Offline JPEG tiles

                                                Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe

Basemap +Daily is a premium subscription product for real time access to imagery for areas of economic and strategic interest.

This product has a variety of applications: 1. Border monitoring for U.S.

2. Military and humanitarian missions.

3. Countrywide land management and mapping projects.

4. Asset and facility monitoring.

5. Remote project area management.

Direct Access Partners have the advantage of viewing this premium daily updated imagery outside an access window and Region of Interest (ROI).Privileged customers have the advantage of downloading imagery within hours of acquisition with accurate metadata. Users can download true color orthorectified image strips or chips for offline use. This premium service gives the privileged users to monitor strategic locations through DG`s highest resolutions lenses in space and thus help make quick decisions. This product reduces the cost of traditional order processing with off the shelf availability.


                     (Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe)

Specifications of the product:
Coverage options : Global, regional, country, province, state, metro, or custom areas
Sensors : WorldView-1, WorldView-2, GeoEye-1, WorldView-3
Cloud cover: – 50% or less in equatorial cloud belt (10oN–10oS)
- 35% or less outside of equatorial belt
Resolution : Up to native resolution of cloud collected image (2 m over Israel)
Image bands : Panchromatic (WorldView-1)
Or 3-band pan sharpened natural colour (all other sensors)
Product type : Single-strip ortho (area-framing, DigitalGlobe product Level 3
Where a fine DEM exists, Level 2 over coarse DEM areas)
Accuracy, on global basis*: 1:10,000, ≤ 8.4m CE90
*For AOIs not covered by the SRTM 90 DEM, an Ortho-Ready
(Level 2) product is delivered (these products have lower accuracy)
DEM : SRTM 90 DEM and other best-available commercial DEMs
Projection/datum: UTM/WGS84
Off-nadir angle : 0-30 degrees
Service levels : Eligible imagery available online within 24, 48, or 72 hours
After downlink depending on SLA tier support level




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