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Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 Enhanced with Advanced Radiometry and Geometry Image processing Options

by Paras Beniwal

Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 commercial offers have been enhanced with advanced radiometry and geometry image processing options:

New Geometric processing: Projected

The image acquired by the sensor is projected onto a terrestrial planethrough projection system. The plane inherits a constant altitude value which is the mean height value (with reference to ellipsoid). An embedded geometric model is described in image RPC file which is a metadata file. The image RPC file can be given as input file directly in image processing software.

                                                     ©Airbus Defence & Space

Benefits for users:

  • Compatibility with GIS softwares
  • Easier Orthorectification by using Ortho, GCPs, DEM due to the geometric model in embedded image RPC file.

New Radiometric processing: Reflectance

Systematic atmospheric effects and sensor calibration is used to radiometrically correct the image without affecting the cloud, cloud veil, haze and aerosol.

Image values are resulted in normalized reflectance values with a 1/10,000 ratio.

Benefits for users: 

  • Bluish effect is corrected from the atmosphere
  • Reliable true color is obtained
  • More stable luminosity/contrast ensured on screen
  • Direct near seamless coverage for process such as mosaicking can be prepared.

New Radiometric processing: Display

Display level products are prepared from a new algorithm which is based on the Reflectance product.

Former OVR (Optimized Visual Rendering) option is replaced by the Display level.
Since, 16 bit pixel coding doesn’t provide any additional information so 8-bit pixel coding should be requested. Image files with 8 bit pixel coding are also lighter.

When images need to be displayed immediately on screens with OVR (Optimized Visual Rendering), Displayprocessing should be selected.

1.Radiometric Processing Basic:

                                                                                   ©Airbus Defence & Space

2.Radiometric Processing Reflectance:


                                                                                   ©Airbus Defence & Space

3.Radiometric Processing Display:

                                                                               ©Airbus Defence & Space

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