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Post Merger DigitalGlobe announces ‘Bridge’ Pricing

by Santosh Singh

On the first day of February we did a post on merger of DigitalGlobe and GeoEye. You can see it here. Market capitalization of the merged entity is $2.1 billion. The new entity, still named DigitalGlobe, is in the course of merging processes, products and pricing.

In order to systematically tackle the complexity of merger of two of the biggest image acquisition companies, DigitalGlobe has divided the whole process in to milestones. Bridge and Transform are two major phase that will help DigitalGlobe achieve the target of complete merger by September 2013.

 DigitalGlobe logo after mergerBelow is how each phase is divided to efficiently assimilate products, processes and ordering structures. Currently under the ‘Product On-Ramp’ phase the legacy products of both GeoEye and DigitalGlobe are being ordered and processed by legacy systems and teams using the old pricing structure.


Product On-Ramp(Phase I)

Legacy ordering process and Pricing.

Bridge Product(Phase II) 

One list of products with one price to the customers
Order any product from either legacy team
Some products are eleminated

Transform Product(Phase III) 

Final list of Products/Pricing
Growth through new Transform products

Now the Bridge Product phase will start from June 1st. Following are the  product line that will be available during the Bridge phase:

  • Basic
  • Basic Stereo
  • Standard/Ortho-Ready Standard
  • Geo
  • Stereo
  • GeoStereo
  • Map-Scale Orthos
  • Advanced Ortho Series
  • Select Tasking (replacing Standard Tasking)
  • Select Plus Tasking (replacing Elevated Tasking)
  • Single Shot Tasking (replacing Crisis Tasking)

The following products will be eliminated from the product catalog:

  • GeoStereo Precision
  • GeoProfessional
  • GeoEyeView
  • Assured Tasking/Targeted Tasking

 All Basic, Standard, Geo, Stereo, GeoStereo, and Ortho-rectified imagery will be priced by product level and band combination, with the exception of IKONOS which will continue at current price levels. 

For additional details on pricing please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in making order placement decision based on the new pricing.


GeoEye-1 imagery showcase(file video)



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