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SATPALDA Participates in NSDI 12

by Santosh Singh

India has a vast amount of geospatial information generated through various topographic surveys, geological surveys, soil surveys, cadastral surveys, various natural resources information generated with the use of the remotely sensed imagery. Encapsulating these maps and images into a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is expected to provide information transparency and sharing. One of the major parts of the the Indian NSDI is defining the common conventions and technical  standards, agreements, metadata definitions, network and access protocols – all of which will make it easily possible for the NSDI to come into existence. In order to felicitate more user contribution for creation of such infrastructure annual conventions are organised. This year it was 12th convention where participants came from various service domains.

Convention was held at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The main theme of the convention was “National Geospatial Information system(NGIS) for sustainable development. The convention was organised by the Office of the Registrar General and Census commissioner(Census of India), India. Starting from the year 2001, when the first conference was organized, there has been lot of ‘on-ground’ development in the field of spatial data infrastructure in India. Delhi’s DSSDI (Delhi State Spatial Data Infrastructure , along with spatial data infrastructure for Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and North Eastern States of India, talks about the development in this field.

SATPALDA showcased one of its premier products, GeoEye-1 satellite imagery which is remotely sensed optical and near-infrared data. This sensor boasts one of the highest resolution in commercial imaging domain. The satellite simultaneously captures 0.41 m panchromatic (black & white) and 1.65 m multispectral (colour) digital imagery. The panchromatic and multispectral datasets are available separately or can be purchased as combined (pan-sharpened) 0.5 m multispectral imagery.

Ajay Maken, Minister of Housing and Poverty Alleviation visiting SATPALDA’s booth at NSDI 12.

SATPALDA’s exhibition booth at the convention.

Ajay Maken, Minister of  Housing and Poverty Alleviation was the chief guest at the convention. It was a privilage having him visit our booth. Mr. Inder Clair, Director GeoEye SAARC apprising the minister of benefits of using satellite imagery for mapping and generation of various kinds of geospatial information(Top photo).

SATPALDA is a privately owned company and a leading provider of satellite imagery and GeoSpatial services to the user community. Established in 2002, SATPALDA has successfully completed wide range of photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Projects.

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