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Tag: Geological exploration

08 June 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Geospatial science

by Yashwant Singh
A human being is the most developed and superior creature on this planet. We have developed our intelligence and knowledge like we did never before. We are always fond of intelligent machines and this encourages us to make some super-intelligent machines.

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22 February 2018

Geospatial intelligence for energy companies

by Yashwant Singh
Resolution matters. You cannot create a data from nothing and the laws of physics cannot be conquered via software enhancements. These indisputable facts are why DigitalGlobe and its customers place such high value on the ability to see the world in the c

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19 September 2017

3D Landscape (DSM/DTM) Service.

by Rohit Kumar
Our earth has a vast range of landscapes including mountains, valleys, densely forested or wooded landscapes and also man-made infrastructure. SATPALDA Geospatial Services provides 3D landscape services to our esteemed customers.

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