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14 September 2017

DigitalGlobe tracks Hurricane Irma from space

by Rohit Kumar
DigitalGlobe publicly releases pre and post event imagery of the Hurricane Irma affected areas to support the disaster response on the Open Data site. Hurricane Irma is an extremely powerful and catastrophic Cape Verde type Category 5 storm.

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25 August 2017

DigitalGlobe announces WorldView-4 Commercial Product Availability

by Rohit Kumar
DigitalGlobe announces the availability WorldView-4 commercial product. With WorldView-4, customers can observe our changing planet and its advanced geospatial solutions to save lives, resources and time in the highest quality.

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10 June 2016

WorldView-4: Another feather in DigitalGlobe`s cap

by Pubali Mukherjee
The global leader in earth imagery information: DigitalGlobe (DG) is all set to complete its constellation of very high resolution satellite with the launch of WorldView-4(WV-4) in September 2016.

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