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Image of GeoEye-1. Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe.

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The GeoEye-1 satellite, launched on September 6, 2008, collects images at nadir with 0.41-meter panchromatic and 1.65-meter multispectral resolution. (Imagery sold to commercial customers is resampled to 0.5-meter resolution.) Just as important, 3 meters of inherent geolocation accuracy has never before been achieved in any commercial imaging system.

Originally named OrbView-5, GeoEye-1 has proven to be a milestone in the area of commercial imaging. The satellite collects up to 700,000 square kilometers of panchromatic (and up to 350,000 square kilometers of pan-sharpened multispectral) imagery per day. GeoEye-1 is able to revisit any point on Earth once every three days or sooner.

After the merger of GeoEye with DigitalGlobe, the satellite has joined WorldView-1, WorldView-2, QuickBird under unified umbrella constellation of DigitalGlobe. Ikonos too has joined its ranks.

Recently, GeoEye had announced another product option called Enhanced Line rate imagery in order to achieve faster collection rates at comparable quality. To know more, checkout our blogpost here.


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