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SATPALDA’s geospatial services can help in providing a range of cost effective solutions for specific applications within the civil engineering and consultancy sectors.

Typical Applications are:

  • Route Planning
  • Land Cover mapping
  • Structural Damage Mapping
  • Environmental Impact
  • Elevation Data
  • Geological Mapping
  • Monitoring and change detection

Satellite imagery and elevation data can be used effectively together for route planning where minimising gradients and navigating difficult land cover need to be balanced with route length. Such data can be used within active projects or to assess terrain during tender bid process. Semi automatic land cover classifications are primarily based on the spectral properties of optical satellite data. Such processing can be applied to high or low resolution imagery to provide a broad classification of a variety of different land cover types. This technique is especially useful when combined with elevation data for the assessment of terrain characteristics which may be encountered when performing ground operations, or for input into synthetic environment simulators.