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SATPALDA provides wide range of services to assist with mineral exploration and mining activities. Services include scanning of large or remote areas for alteration minerals. SATPALDA can assist you in following areas of mineral exploration:

  • Broad area lithological distribution mapping
  • Mine site planning and access to utilities
  • Monitoring

Sensors such as Landsat TM and ASTER sense in wavelengths useful for the identification of alteration associated with mineralisation. Landsat TM includes a shortwave infrared band in the 2.08 to 2.35 nm range which can discriminate rock types and map certain clays and the visible bands can be used to map ferrous oxides. ASTER senses in two visible, one near infrared, six shortwave infrared and five thermal infrared bands, allowing discrimination of epithermal clay minerals, iron oxides, silica, carbonate, mafics and propylitic alteration.

Digital Elevation data derived from IKONOS, GeoEye-1, ALOS, ASTER can be used for hydrological studies, utilities management and placement, natural hazard assessment including flood susceptibility and emergency escape access, environmental impact studies, property access, alluvial flow directions and slope and delineation of rock types based on outcrop.