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Pléiades 1A

Fig.1: Satellite image of Island of love captured by Pleiades  1A.

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Pléiades 1A Satellite Sensor

First satellite to be launched for creation of Pleiades constellation was Pleiades 1A. It was launched in December, 2011 from French Guiana.

About Pléiades 1A

The Pleiades-1A constellation provides very-high-resolution optical products in record time, offering daily revisits to any point on the globe and acquisition capabilities tailored to meet the full spectrum of civil and military requirements.

Pleiades swath covers 20 km at nadir, the satellites’ high agility allows to acquire in the same pass a mosaic of images covering a larger area (up to 120 km*120 km), or stereoscopic images of 300 km long. In all cases, minimum area is 25 square km. for archive imagery and 100 sq.km. for tasked imagery, with a width of at least 5 km in any direction for tasked imagery (500m for archive imagery). User can select acquisition according area, 5 acquisition modes are there Target, Strip Mapping, Tri-stereo, Corridor and Persistent Surveillance. Please contact us for Pleiades imagery price list.


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