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Pléiades 1B

Fig.1: Shows Millau Viaduct, a cable-stayed bridge in France.

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Pléiades 1B Satellite Sensor

Pléiades 1B sensor was launched on 2nd December 2012. designed and constructed by Astrium France, this satellite was launched on board a Soyuz rocket from European Space Center’s launch pad in French Guiana.

About Pleiades 1B

Pléiades 1B is second in the series of 2 satellites to be launched by France as part of the Orfeo programme. The Orfeo programme is a  project of the European Space Agency scheduled for completion in 2017. It’s composed of 6 next-generation, high-resolution satellites. Pleiades 1A and Pleiades 1B being the french part of the programme and 4 Cosmo-Skymed X-band satellites being the Italian part.


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