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Sitamarhi Hydrological Studies

This is a project assessment report for a recent assignment successfully executed at SATPALDA Geospatial Services.It has been drafted with the assistance of the internal project manager of the photogrammetry division at SATPALDA. This report collectively demonstrate the methodology adopted, all technical aspects, output analysis and finally what we achieved in this project.


DEM, Contour and Orthophoto project of Japanese Client

SATPALDA has completed a project for our client based on DEM generation and contour extraction. The study area lies at Yamagata, located in the Tohoku region of northern Japan. 1m DEM was generated. We had a very short time window to deliver a large area as client needed a high-quality data at that time period but our dedicated and experienced team came into action and with full efforts, we finished our project on time with a high-quality output as required by our client.


3D Building Project

Recently, SATPALDA has completed a prestigious project for our esteemed client based on 3D digitization of urban buildings for an area covering about 200 sq. km. The study area consisted of the core and busiest part of the city surrounding the International Airport and the beach on the other side of the airport. All types of buildings such as villas, multistorey buildings, slums and single storey buildings were covered in this project. We used high resolution stereo satellite data for feature extraction in a 3D environment. Building polygons were provided with their mean sea level elevation and their height above ground. All the main structures and superstructures of the multistoried building were shown as individual polygons. Photogrammetry workstations were used for manual digitization and attributes such as “building height” and “building elevation” were provided for each building and superstructures.