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Value Added Products

Landsat ETM + Gap-Filled product

Some of the most popular and valued remote sensing images of the earth are obtained from the Landsat satellites which have been orbiting the earth for over thirty years. Prior to the launch of Landsat 7, two Landsats were in operation – Landsat 4…read more

Pan Sharpening

Spaceborne imaging sensors provide global coverage of the planet surface on a routine basis. But the resolution of multispectral images may be inadequate for certain applications, especially those crucial for urban objects. A new generation of satellites, such as GeoEye-1, WorldvView-1 Ikonos, QuickBird, and SPOT-5, now offer high-resolution MS and panchromatic (pan)…read more

Seamless Mosaics

SATPALDA helps you visualize and manage huge high resolution datasets which otherwise demand time consuming trial and error color balancing and mosaicking procedures. At SATPALDA we offer reliable and cost-effective seamless mosaicking services which not only cut your time but also save valuable disk space by reducing the redundancy in the data. This process involves running a predefined mosaic line through each image, which identifies unnecessary overlaps. Finally, using feathering technique is designed to remove break lines between the images caused by radiometric differences in the original imagery.