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DEM/DTM is a digital model or 3D representation of a terrain's surface. It may be represented as  grid data which includes raster format, interpolated values and have large storage for network analysis or in TIN (Triangulated irregular network) data which includes-

  • Irregularly distributed nodes and lines with three dimensional coordinates (x, y, and z).
  • Arranged in a network of non overlapping triangles (triangular tessellation).
  • Based on Delaunay triangulation.
  • Density of points α variation in surface heights.
  • (+) points provide accurate representation of terrain.
  • (+) fewer points are needed.
  • (-) less suited for analysis of surface slope, aspect and network analysis.



DigitalGlobe with its partner Vricon provides accurate and highly detailed geodata to telecommunication industry to improve its coverage, bandwidth and latency while avoiding added interference and managing costs. It includes height data with 50cm to 10m resolution, clutter maps, terrain data, geographic map data and Ortho-image, which has produced with a unique automated technology, based on commercial satellite imagery without ground control points.


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