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WorldView-3 satellite (Image Credit: DigitalGlobe)

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WorldView-3 is the latest satellite sensor from DigitalGlobe. With the addition of this sensor to its satellite constellation (in addition to QuickBird, WorldView-1, GeoEye-1, Ikonos and WorldView-2), DigitalGlobe is capable of collecting ~1 billion square km of Earth imagery per year.  DigitalGlobe has added a SWIR (Shortwave Infrared) sensing 8-band instrument to WorldView-3 satellite that will open up a host of new civil and military applications.

WorldView-3 provides 31 cm panchromatic resolution, 1.24 m MS (Multispectral) resolution, 3.7 m SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) resolution, and 30 m CAVIS ( Clouds, Aerosols, Vapors, Ice, and Snow) resolution. CAVIS will monitor the atmosphere and provide correction data to improve WorldView-3′s imagery when it images earth objects through haze, soot, dust or other atmospheric particles. WorldView-3 builds upon WorldView-2 and WorldView-1 technology by carrying forward the satellites’ advanced Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMGs). CMGs reorient a satellite over the desired collection area in 4-5 seconds, compared to 30-45 seconds needed for traditional reaction wheels (QuickBird e.g.)


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