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View of WorldView-4 satellite. Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe.

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WorldView-4 is the latest Earth observation satellite operated by DigitalGlobe launched on 11th November 2016 from Vandenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex 3E. Worldview-4 provides similar imagery as WorldView-3 with the highest resolution of 31cm. It is designed and built by ITT Exelis and Harris having 1.1m in diameter.

WorldView-4 will provide products such as satellite imagery, geometrically corrected products, terrain corrected or ortho-rectified products, stereo pair products and large-area mosaics and feature maps. Advantages of the satellite are high resolution and multi-spectral imagery, remove all the errors such as temporal variation and reducing slew time, precision geo-location possible without ground control points.


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